Best Man App features

the web app that makes best man speeches easy

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Best Man Speech Wizard

The easiest way to create a great best man speech in minutes. Just point and click and the powerful best man speech wizard does the rest.

Sample Best Man Speeches

A library of more than twenty complete sample best man speeches to inspire you. These best man speeches have been written by professional speechwriters and are unique to this service.

Best Man Toasts

Celebrate the happy event by choosing a memorable toast. With toasts for all sentiments, the happy couple will be touched and the audience thrilled by your best man toast.

Best Man Jokes

A huge database containing hundreds of funny best man jokes to inject humor into your best man speech or just to entertain the guests throughout the wedding day.

Best Man Guides

A selection of invaluable guides on important best man topics such as delivering your speech with confidence, overcoming your nerves and avoiding common pitfalls.

Best Man Duties

An easy to use tool to manage your best man duties. Starting with our recommended list of duties, add your own, delete the and mark those you've achieved as complete. Best man duties made foolproof.

Best Man Speech Gift

Give a gift that will be cherished by the bride and groom. A beautifully presented gift of your best man speech can be emailed to the bride and groom after the big day.