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What is Best Man App?
Best Man App is a web app for Best Men. We like to say that "Best Man App makes being a best man easy" - because it's true! Best Man App will help you create a great best man speech in minutes. You can manage your best man duties, read guides full of insider tips about how you can be a great best man, and get inspiration from Best Man App's database of hundreds of best man jokes, toasts, quotes and sample best man speeches.
What is a web app?
A web app is a collection of fully featured software components that can be used on any computer platform through an Internet browser. Best Man App is a web app. You don't need to install any software to use Best Man App. Think of it as an extremely smart website with lots of functionality, content and all-round smarts that makes your job of best man easier than you ever imagined.
How do I sign up for Best Man App?
Sign up here. You will be charged just once and get six months access to Best Man App. Need more time? Just let us know, we'd be happy to help!
Will Best Man App work for me?
All you need to use Best Man App is a modern browser - any recent version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. It will work on any operating system including Mac, Windows and Linux.
Can I use my Best Man App account for my friends/clients?
Best Man App is strictly for personal use only. You may not use Best Man App to write best man speeches for more than one person. We have tools in place to detect commercial use.
Do you have more questions?
Please take the time to ask, we'll try our best to answer promptly